Frequently Asked Questions

It is an association of people united with the purpose of providing the best service to members at a reasonable cost, encourage savings, provide loans at the lowest interest rates and teach members how to best manage your money.

All those people who are within common bonds of the credit union, as determined by the rules of it.

  • Factory employees
  • Residents of the community
  • Government employees
  • Members of the same family
The Credit Union charges its members the lowest possible interest. This interest is determined by the Board of Directors. The member pays only for the balance due.
San Rafael Cooperativa pays an annual percentage over the savings of the member. The interest rate payed to you is determined by the Board of Directors. As for dividends, the members decide on how to distribute the shares over an assembly.
The members are the owners of the Credit Union, therefore, it is they who rule through their vote at the meetings. Each member has the right to one vote. They elect a Board of Directors composed of a group of partners. This Board is responsible for governing all operations and destiny of theCredit Union.

Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact the offices of San Rafael Cooperativa to obtain an application for membership and receive information. The applicant must go through an orientation about their rights and duties as a member. This offered by the Education Committee.

You may also fill the online application and a representative will contact you briefly.

Application to become a member


In all Credit Unions there are three committees that are of outmost importance. These are:

Supervision Committee
This Committee has the obligation of ensuring the proper functioning or our Credit Union. Its responsibility is to intervene in the operations of our Credit Union and evaluate it at least once a year.

Credit Committee
It is responsible for considering applications for loans submitted by partners. It examines the requests and approves or rejects them according to the standards and requirements established by the Board of Directors.

Education Committee
Its primary function is to guide and educate members about all the services offered by the Credit Union and the rights and duties of the members thereof.