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Is your contribution and helps you meet the rules of "San Rafael Cooperativa", which requires the purchase of shares so that a shareholder may own and enjoy all services, whether they are: loans, insurance and dividends to which you are entitled. The initial requirement for membership is $ 120.00 in stock. It begins to earn interest when you reach $300.

This is an account in which a member may deposit his/her savings and make transactions whenever you need to. The interest earned on these accounts is higher than that offered by most commercial banks and profits are computed quarterly. This account provides ATM for your convenience.

This is a special savings account, based on the need to plan for holiday spending. The bill cycle closes on October 31st each year and transfers your deposits to your savings account early next month. The interest you pay is competitive with current market rates.
This is a special savings account, based on the need to plan for summer spending. The bill cycle closes on May 31st each year and transfers your deposits to your savings account early next month. The interest you pay is competitive with current market rates.
Cooperativa San Rafael, keeping up with our community service, has organized the "Ahorrito Rafaelín" savings club so that children may begin to develop a sense of responsibility, learning skills and attitudes that will enable them to overcome barriers in adulthood. It aims to encourage savings among our children.

This account is opened with just $ 10.00 in shares and $1.00 initial quota.

This account accrues interest quarterly. We invite you to open a Children's Savings Account where your child will learn to save and make profits for their future.

This is a very special savings account and its performance is greater when deposited over a wider period of time. It has the benefit of earning higher interest than a regular savings account. It may extend from a period of 6 months to a 1 year maturity. The market determines the interest rates that govern this type of investment.

We have several ATMs available 24 hours a day located at each of our branches.

This service allows you to receive your social security check, payroll and others, directly to your checking or savings account and / or make payments to other institutions or services that accept this type of transaction. For your convenience, our transit routing number is: 221582378

These checks facilitate those transactions that require absolute certainty that there is funding available. They can be used for purchases and payments because they are authorized in most shops.
We offer the convenience of money orders at a very reasonable price and up to $ 1,000. The price for our customers is $ 2.00 each. However, if you are a member of our credit union the cost is reduced as follows:
1. $ 500.00 or less: $ 1.00
2. $ 500.00 or more: $ 1.25
1. Photocopies: $ 0.25
2. Faxes: $ 1.00

This service is in coordination of San Rafael Cooperativa and the company you work for, where by means of a special arrangement you can deduct a portion of your check for whenever you need from our services.

We have a scholarship program for college students members who meet our requirements. They are:

  1.  You must complete the application in its entirety. This should be clear and specific. Do not omit any information.
  2. The participant must submit the following documents:
    • One (1) 2 x 2 photo
    • Credit Transcript
    • University's Enrollment Document with the Registrar or Collectors Stamp or evidence of having a payment plan
  3. The student who's a member of San Rafael Cooperativa shall have the following requirements:
    • Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per semester.
    • Have a minimum GPA of 3.50.
    • Have a member account on San Rafael Cooperativa contributing $60.00 per year (if under age and up to 21 years) or $ 120.00 per year (if opening an acount for the first time or is 21y/o or older) from the date of admission. This account must be active with at least one (1) year in advance. The deadline for opening this type of account is during the month of August each year.

Is a service thru which you can perform the following transactions by phone:

  1. Review your latest transactions made, balances and loan balances
  2. Transfer money between your accounts
  3. Pay for your loans and utilities
  4. Set stop payment to checks

We have several telephone lines available:

"Virtual Branch" is the Internet banking service we offer at Cooperativa San Rafael . Avoid long lines and make your transactions from the comfort of your home.

Connect to our Virtual Branch

In "San Rafael Cooperativa" you can easily make your payments for water service, electricity, telephone bills, cable TV, cellular and even College Board.

We sell vehicle Permits and government stamps at a reasonable prices.

We have an excellent drive thru service for you to make your transactions comfortably. You can make, up to 3 transactions and withdraw up to $2,000.00 among other services. Certain restrictions apply.

This is a service at no cost to you. You may receive notifications via text messages or emails of all transactions that have been made electronically, such as deposits and direct debits. To request this service, visit the nearest branch, or fill out the form by clicking the "request" button below.

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