About Us

  • "San Rafael Cooperativa" Savings and Credit Union was founded on May 9, 1956 by Bishop John B. Acevedo. "San Rafael Cooperativa" began at the sacristy of "San Rafael Archangel" Parish in Quebradillas (PR) as "Cooperativa de Crédito Parroquial San Rafael de Quebradillas" . Initially It had 131 members. The starting capital, according to a review of the first record dated in May 9, 1956 was $ 4,412.66. The subscription for membership was 12 shares at $ 2.00 per share for the year. Currently there is $ 10.00 monthly active share requirement.
  • On August 4, 1997, San Rafael Cooperativa acquired all the assets and liabilities of San Germán's Savings and Credit Union.  On April 1, 1998 we acquired the Savings  and Credit Union of Peñuelas and on May 13, 2011 the Quebradillas Credit Union was also adquired, which has allowed us to extend our services through the northwest and southwest of the island.
  • The Credit Union has a Board of Directors which is composed of members who are responsible for governing and directing the operation. It also has an Audit and Oversight Committee an Education Committee and a Credit Committee.
  • On September 3rd, 2013 we updated the image of our corporate logo and changed our name to the "San Rafael Cooperativa" because among other things we expanded our services and extended well beyond savings and credit.
  • Cooperativa San Rafael has built a solid foundation in economic and social activity Quebradillas, Peñuelas and San Germán, based on morals and principles that reflect that of our people.
  • We invite you to learn more about the history of San Rafael Coperativa and the Puerto Rico Credit Union Movement in general.


Cooperativism suggests that human being are integrated into the social process as a means and finality. In turn, in this process man receives benefits and help. Cooperativism has been defined as a system based on self-help and mutual aid.

Daily operation of the Credit Union are subject to the application of certain operating rules called Credit Union principles. These operating principles or rules are there to ensure that the financial management of the company is directed to comply with the resulting social goals of the Credit Union doctrine.

Human beings can be only be understood and succefully function in and out of their relation to others, and not as isolated individuals. Men and women are fulfilled as individuals when we "step out of our selves" and start to relate to others, to build a concept of "us". Hence our participatory and social dimensions in which our thinking can have reach its full expression by means of our social solidarity.

That effort indicates the capacity of human beings to meet their needs. Mutual aid presupposes the imperfection and limitations of the individuals, for which each person needs the support of others to improve their lives or to get what they need with more efficiency and to a greater degree to fulfill our aspirations, interests and desires.

Our Vision
To guide our Credit Union along with its members/owners towards the same horizon, enriching the Credit Union movement, based on commitment, honesty, loyalty and transparency in integrated work to achieve a growth in benefits, services and capital by democratic and social contribution to become the strongest and most recognized institution.
Our Mission
To raise awareness about the importance of being an active  member and to meet the needs and expectations of our partners and community involving values, savings and credit through innovative ideas, efficiency and accountability, counting with and upon trained human resources committed to the growth and strength of our Credit Union with appropriate technology and strategic alliances with related organizations to consolidate our culture and service quality.